Three Reasons To Bring A Large Cage To The Vet When You Have Multiple Dogs

Lassoing your entire dog crew and bringing them to a vet is a task in itself. Once you get to the vet, you will need to keep all of your dogs under control and listen to the vet to make sure you have appropriate information about each dog's health. Though it is a good idea to take all of your dogs to the vet at once, it can be an overwhelming experience. Instead of taking all of the dogs with just their leash, you should also bring a large foldable dog cage with you. Here are three reasons to bring a large cage to the vet when bringing multiple dogs to the vet office.

You can keep together in the waiting room 

When you are in the waiting room, you may have to deal with your dogs tugging on their leash and attempting to explore the clinic office. It can be hard to rein in more than one dog at a time and keep them quiet. Instead of keeping them on the leashes, you can place your dogs inside of a large dog cage. This will keep them in one area where they cannot escape. Your dogs will still be able to see and smell the waiting room, which will satisfy their curiosity without roaming around. 

The scared dogs feel protected

Most dogs feel protected when they are inside of their dog cage. A foldable dog cage can help dogs who dislike going to vets. If the veterinarian's office makes your dog shake or if they tend to dislike walking around while in the office, being able to sit inside of a cage happily. If you have dogs who take cues from one another, the cage will help all of them act calm and not express displeasure at the vet, such as growling or barking. 

They can remain in place during shots

Keeping some dogs on the table during an inspection can be a task. If your dog is small and tends to wiggle around, you may be concerned that they may jump off of the table. For large dogs, it can be difficult to corral them onto the table in general. Your vet may be able to give your dog shots or medication while they are inside of their cage. This will make it easier for the vet and for your dog inside of the office. Once the visit is over and the vet is letting you know about your dog's overall health summary, you can listen without interruption while the dogs are inside of their cage. 

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