Pumpkin For Cat Diarrhea

When a cat has diarrhea, it can quickly turn a household into chaos. Whether your cat is leaving behind a mess in the litter box or all over your home, it's natural to try and seek a solution as quickly as you can. Believe it or not, a simple dose of pumpkin could potentially help your cat to stop having loose stools. Read on to learn how this works and how you can implement it for your kitty.

Why It Works

Pumpkin isn't just safe for your kitty to eat; it's actually healthy for them to consume. Since pumpkin is rich in fiber, vitamins, and water, there's no problem with giving it to your cat. In fact, many pet foods include a small amount of pumpkin to help improve feline digestion.

The way that pumpkin helps to slow down diarrhea is by introducing fiber into your cat's diet. Since the body has to process fiber more slowly, it can help to add additional bulk to your cat's stools. Many cats supplement their fiber intake by eating grass outdoors, but if your cat can't go outside, pumpkin is a good alternative.

How to Use It

How you use pumpkin mostly depends upon your cat. Some cats will eat pumpkin greedily all by itself, while others are fussier. It's a good idea to introduce your cat to pumpkin by itself and see how they react before continuing.

Pumpkin can be given in small doses either directly to your cat or as an additive in their cat food. If you choose to mix it into food, make sure to mix it in well so that it's evenly dispersed throughout the food. Otherwise, fussy kitties may turn up their noses at their chow. Simply starting with ½ a teaspoon can make all the difference in your cat's digestion.

As an added bonus, pumpkin is helpful for reducing the risk of constipation, too, so your cat won't get backed up from eating pumpkin.

When It's Not Enough

If your cat continues to have problems after you've been giving them pumpkin for a few days, it's time to seek medical help at a veterinary office like Buck Road Animal Hospital. Cats shouldn't experience diarrhea for more than a few days or it can potentially leave them dehydrated and sick. If pumpkin doesn't help, it probably indicates that there's an underlying condition at fault, like an intestinal blockage. These conditions typically require surgery to remove the blockage, so you should never put off seeing a vet if a bowel condition doesn't improve.

Pumpkin can do a lot of good for cats, but it's not a cure for bowel problems. If your cat's tummy issues continue to come and go or they don't go away at all, seek medical attention.

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