Think Your Dog Doesn't Need Vaccinations? What To Know First

If you don't board your dog or take it to daycare, you still want to make sure that the animal vaccinated. There are so many different things that the dog could be exposed to when you take them for a walk around your neighborhood, or even to a family member or friends house. Here are things that you need to know if you are hesitant to pay for dog vaccines, and if you aren't sure which shots are the most important.

Double Flu Shots the First Year

The first year that your pet gets the flu vaccination they have to get two doses of the shot. This means that you will make the first appointment and get all their annual shots, and have to follow up a month later. This is the best option if you want optimal protection over your canine to protect them from getting ill or worse from the flu.

Parvo is Everywhere

Humans don't walk around and smell and eat poop, but dogs do. Parvovirus is found in feces and it can be found almost everywhere, so you want to be sure that your dog has this vaccine. Many people think they vaccinate for things that the dog will never get exposed to, but the dog will definitely be exposed to parvo in their lifetime, and it's very dangerous.

Rabies Isn't a Country Disease

People in the city may think that their dog has no chance of getting rabies because it's a disease that is often associated with raccoons. Unfortunately, rabies can be picked up from many different types of animals, including rodents like rats in the city. Rabies is just one of the many vaccines that you should feel guilty letting your dog go without, because the exposure could be fatal.

You want to make an appointment right away to see if your dog is in good health, and to get them caught up on all of the different pet vaccinations that they need. You don't want to end up regretting the decision not to vaccinate after your dog ends up seriously ill, or even worse dead. Call a local veterinarian and set up an appointment and let them know that you are bringing in a dog that has never been vaccinated,  because they may want to make a special appointment time to keep them away from the other healthy animals that are in the office.

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