3 Tips To Keep Your Pet's Emotions Under Control At The Vet Or Pet Hospital

If your dog or cat is notorious for acting out every time you need to take it to the local pet hospital for a check up, this can create a stressful situation for you as the owner as well. No one likes to see their pet in distress but at the same time, you could also be embarrassed if your pet gets completely out of control in front of other pet owners. If you want to try and calm your pet's nerves ahead of and during the next pet hospital visit, here are a few tips that might help.

Get Your Pet Used to Their Travel Crate Well in Advance of the Appointment

Some animals don't like being trapped in close quarters, and that is exactly what a pet travel crate is. If your cat or small dog freaks out at the site of the travel crate, this could be because they associate it with going to the pet hospital. In other words,  your pet is going to be dialing it up to 11 before you've even pulled out of the driveway. If you want to try and change this, consider putting your pet into the crate during other times when you are staying home. Make sure the pet sees you are nearby and then just kind of hang out with it at home. A good time to try this might be while you are working at a desk or lying in bed. The idea is make the crate seem like no big deal to your pet.

Visit the Hospital Before the Appointment

While some pets will get worked up by being around other animals no matter what, in some cases, the cause of distress might be the shots and other hands-on treatment from the pet doctor. To alleviate this when going to a new pet hospital, try taking your pet in just to say hi, when no appointment is scheduled. Introduce your pet to the doctors and let them pet or play with your animal. This is also a great time for pet owners to ask questions as well.

Schedule on a Slow Day

If you know your pet is not going to do well at the pet hospital no matter how much prep work you put in, talk to the veterinarian and see if you can schedule your appointment during a slow moment. Some vets might even open early or stay late just for you if they know this is the best way to keep your pet calm. 

If you want to keep your cat or dog under control at the pet hospital, take some time to visit the veterinarian ahead of the appointment, and get your pet used to its travel crate before the big day. For more tips or to schedule an appointment that would work best for your pet, contact your local pet hospital today.

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