The Cold Has Settled In: How To Safeguard Your Dog This Winter

Winter is here. Now's the time to give your dog some extra love and attention. Even the heartiest of dogs can develop health problems during the winter. This is especially true with regard to their outdoor activities. Not sure how to protect your dog this winter? Read the list provided below. Here are some tips to get you started. 

Find Indoor Activities

If you're dealing with snow and ice, it's time for some adjustments. Your dog might like to spend time outside. But, spending too much time outside during the winter can harm your dog. The best way to protect your pup is to spend more time indoors. If your dog needs to work off some energy, find an indoor dog park to visit. Or, sign your dog up for a doggy daycare program. That way, your dog doesn't need to go out in the cold to play. 

Pamper Their Paws

If your dog likes to go outside during the winter, don't forget to pamper their paws. This is especially important for the pads of their paws. The pads can sustain serious injuries during the winter. This is particularly likely if they're exposed to snow and ice.

You should inspect your dog's paws at least once a day. You should also trim the hair from around the pads of their paws. This hair can collect ice balls. Unfortunately, the ice balls can cause severe paw pain. It's also a good idea to invest in booties for your dog. That way, your dog has foot protection when they go outside this winter. 

Add Some Warmth

If you have an older dog, it's time to think about their sleeping arrangements. Cold temperatures can wreak havoc on older dogs. This is especially true with regard to their hips and joints. If your dog's bed is on the floor, try placing blankets under it. That way, the bed doesn't absorb the cold. If possible, invest in a heated bed for your dog to sleep in during the winter. The added warmth will soothe achy joints, and help your dog get better comfort. 

Provide Vet Care

If you want to keep your dog healthy this winter, be sure to provide veterinary care. You never know when a weather-related health issue is going to pop up. Winter veterinary care will make sure those issues get treated right away. You can also ask the vet for other dog care tips on how to keep your dog warm and healthy during the winter.

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Winter is here. Now's the time to give your dog some extra love and attention. Even the heartiest of dogs can develop health problems during the winte